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Songblocker is a Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X plugin that automatically mutes songs on Spotify and instead allows you to enjoy 100% awesome ads. Songblocker is currently available in a freemium version and soon you'll be able to go premium to receive special features and heighten the experience of Songblocker even more. 


The original Songblocker plugin mutes all songs that are played on Spotify and instead provides you with silence until the next ad is played. With Songblocker Premium you'll receive no silence at all, and instead enjoy a continuous flow of fresh, exciting and uninterrupted ads. Songblocker premium also unlocks a series of special features like the possibility to create ad-playlists, share ads with your friends, and receive ad-recommendations according to genres and moods. For more information, check our our premium section


The Songblocker plugin was made by a Swedish research team and was designed to bring people together through the world of ads. We bring you better ads through research and introduce a technology that takes streaming to the next level.


SongBlocker builds on the open source code of Eric Zhang's plugin EZblocker and Artem Gordinsky's open source code for Spotifree. It utilizes a small  web server called the Spotify Web Helper, which is installed on your desktop when you download the plugin. The web server allows our software to interact with your Spotify desktop client when you use it. By calling the web server, SongBlocker monitors if your Spotify client is playing ads or music. It then turns the sound on or off based on the results. Ads will boost the volume. Music will put the Spotify client on mute.




It's easy. Just download the executable Songblocker file and place the file in a folder on your desktop. At first startup, the program will automatically extract some helper files, so make sure that you bypass any security walls and have administrative access to the folder. If you are using Songblocker in Microsoft Windows you must have .NET 4.5 installed (which you probably have). If you are using Mac OS X you should add the Songblocker plugin to your applications folder once the file has been unpacked (choose the file with the Songblocker logo).  Of course, you also need to have the Spotify desktop client installed in order for the plugin to work. 



It couldn't be simpler. Just start the program you downloaded (double click) and Spotify will automatically start running. Log in to Spotify with your personal Spotify freemium account and select music with artists that you want to support by not listening to their songs. Hit play, and your'e good to go. The silence you hear is muted songs and every now and then, the quietness will be interrupted by some really awesome ads. Note that the Songblocker app does not work if you are using Spotify Premium – it's the ads that we're after!



Songblocker gives you the opportunity to support artists and Spotify by not listening to music. Since your’e using the Spotify client, money will be ticking in to artists personal accounts. In this way, you can act as a revenue patron for the music industries. But Songblocker also does more then that thanks to its wonderful synergy effects. It directly allows you to support advertisers and future Spotify shareholders by making sure that Spotify has an active user base. This not only helps the company generate ad-revenue, but importantly also adds to its value before an IPO. As a result, you can actively support one of the fastest growing online platforms and its partners, while enjoying all the ads you love. 


Songblocker for Microsoft Windows comes with a set of motivational messages that are randomly displayed when the program is running. These messages can be adjusted by editing the file mood_messages.txt, which can be found in the application folder (after the first startup). Our motivational messages are intended to inspire you to enjoy more ads and should be viewed as a gift from us to you. The Songblocker community cares about your well-being!


If you want to listen to music again, simply make sure that the Songblocker plugin is not active by closing the plugin. You might have to use the force-quit function on your computer to make sure that it's off. If Spotify is still playing music on mute, try manually turning up the volume again in the Spotify client.